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en 2018

Five coaching steps to optimal performance 

— by Stuart Haden (Founder of Storm Beach - Authentic Leadership) — ICF - Executive and Leadership community of practice

Why developmental theory matters to coaches 

— by Chris Wahl (MA Ed, MCC, expert on adult development theory) — ICF - Executive and Leadership community of practice

Coaching new leaders for the network society 

— by Simon Western (founder, and CEO of Analytic-Network Coaching) — ICF - Executive and Leadership community of practice

Secrets of 10%: How to win in almost any situation 

— by Judi Rhee Alloway (Founder of @womensbizcoop, an international Asian women’s leadership program covered in Forbes Women) — ICF - Executive and Leadership community of practice

Телесный Интеллект для Бизнес Лидеров (Body Intelligence for Business Leaders)

— by Wendy Palmer (Founder of the Leadership Embodiment Model) — ICF - Russian chapter - программа Международной "Лидерство и Осознанность В Эпоху Перемен"

Содействие Здоровому Конфликту (Fostering Healthy Conflict)

— by Lucy Shenouda (Founder FosterEssence®, business leader in the fields of marketing and organizational transformation) — ICF - Russian chapter - программа Международной "Лидерство и Осознанность В Эпоху Перемен"

Comment les sciences cognitives et comportementales peuvent booster l’intelligence collective ? 

— by Nicolas Deneriaz (Facilitateur en Intelligence Collective - Délégué territorial INC, Institut de NeuroCognitivisme) — webikeo 2018-03-15

The live Immersion Experience on Conversational Intelligence® 

— by Judith E. Glaser (business executive and organizational anthropologist. Founder of Benchmark Communications, Inc.) — WEBECS 2018-03-20

Corporate politics (get down & dirty: coaches ignore politics at their peril) 

— by David Clutterbuck (Leading Authority In Developmental Coaching & Mentoring, Co-founder of European Mentoring & Coaching Council) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

How to coach the person, not the problem, to create breakthroughs

— by Dr. Marcia Reynolds (Global Expert in Holding Mind-Changing Conversations,  ICF Global Board, Globally Renowned Behavioural Scientist & Business Coach) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

Evolutionary Coaching: 

An introduction to impact of ego-soul dynamics on personal growth & development

— by Richard Barrett (Internationally Recognized Thought-Leader on Values, Culture & Leadership) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

Aim Higher : Raising the bar on the profession of coaching

— by David Goldsmith (One of the founders of the coaching profession, first president of Coach U, co-founded the Foundation of Coaching which later became the Institute of Coaching at Harvard) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

Deconstruction deep coaching

— by Ritch Litvin (High-Performance Coach & best-selling author) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

Design and deliver a TEDx talk that positions you as a global thought leader

— by Sam Horn (Expert communication strategist & world-renowned keynote speaker) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

How to become a recognized expert

— by Dorie Clark (author of Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

Return on Impact (Digital branding, awareness and market gravity in your global coaching)

— by David Nour (Keynote Speaker | Author | Advisor | Business Relationships) — pre-summit WBECS 2018

Engage and Mobilize Employees: The Power of Coaching Toolkits

— by Andrew Neitlich (founder and director of Andrew Neitlich) — under the patronage of  WBECS

Reimagining Talent STRATEGY 

— by Jaime Maxwell-Grant, Paul Lambert, Frederic L'Hereec  (Partners) — Korn Ferry 2018-10-31