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A fake smile hurts your authenticity


🟣 As the work of artificial intelligence shows, even a simple computer can detect whether a smile is real or fake. Because the REAL SMILE requires 10% more muscles and micro-movements compared to the fake smile. If a simple computer can tell the difference, I have the intuition that we humans too, we all know, more or less consciously, when a smile is genuine or not. This is why international leaders and managers of intercultural teams should always be careful to be SINCERE in their EMOTIONS, and in particular in their smiles. This is the condition for becoming authentic and INSPIRING leaders.

🟣 What do you think of my analysis? I would be happy to discuss this with you…

🟣 To find out more, I invite you to read the study by Hassan Ugail and Ahmad Al-dahoud,  in “A genuine smile is indeed in the eyes – The computer aided non-invasive analysis of the exact weight distribution of human smiles across the face”, Advanced Engineering Informatics, University of Bradford.