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Barbara Rodzynek

Executive Coaching and Collective Intelligence

Paris and World

Self-confidence & Empowerment

In-person or remote seminars

Coaching of teenagers and families
Co-author “Animate remotely” Eyrolles

“Clarifying your thinking releases the energy to act: go from idea to action!”

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My Vision of Coaching

Surpass yourself, respect yourself, communicate

My vision My vision of the world is driven by 3 convictions: 1) The unspoken is the source of all problems. Expressing all aspects of a situation helps clarify your thinking, immediately relieve pressure, and pave the way for healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships. 2) Due to the complexity of the information we receive, our brain becomes saturated. He can no longer process them. To approach the stages of our professional and personal development, let’s accept not to understand everything and give back a place to intuition to guide our decisions. 3) Any obstacle or failure brings with it “hidden gifts”. Recognizing them turns the obstacle into an opportunity.

My mission My contribution is to allow managers and their teams to regain confidence in their ability to: – To act – Develop co-operation & co-construction – Illuminate any situation with a positive and engaging vision for everyone

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I deeply believe in the virtues of dialogue and open communication to clarify relationships. Anchored in reality, I also like to transmit energy and enthusiasm while respecting the rhythm of each one.


After a stint in the world of finance, I decided to devote about fifteen years to the study of interpersonal relationships and my family. Without knowing it, my children taught me the fundamentals of coaching: listening, welcoming others without judgment, unconditional support, confidence in the other’s ability to act independently. I wanted to share this learning by helping young people and their families in great difficulty to regain confidence, energy and constructive dialogue.


From family to business there is only one step. Relational quality is at the center of a team’s dynamic. Developing your ability to express your ideas, your needs and your difficulties is at the heart of the coaching work that I offer to organizations. The collective intelligence approach (co-development, world café, open forum, creative process, shared diagnosis, etc.) strengthens confidence and the power to act in the service of the company’s objectives. During confinement, I developed remote facilitation practices and co-wrote a book on the subject, “Animate at a distance”, Ed. Eyrolles.


I am committed to promoting, even from a distance, human, authentic and courageous management in order to foster employee engagement. My areas of development for the future: – Develop simple, attractive and dynamic teleworking practices for body and mind, and bring them to business – Become a digital nomad for online support myself

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My Services

My journey

My journey has allowed me to reveal and embody the desire to support people at every stage of their lives. The double anchoring in the world of young adults and in that of managers enlightens my practice and enriches my global vision of our environment.


Co-author of “Remote animation” guide to robust and proven remote animation practices, Éditions Eyrolles


Certified in Clarification Coaching

2016 / 2020

Partner of the management consulting firm t3c international – Paris


Certified Coach for leaders and managers

2001 / 2020

Certified Coach for young people and families
Cognitive remediation practitioner
Interpersonal Relations Studies

1995 / 2000

Air Liberté – Commercial freight, management control and internal audit
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