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Elisabeth Giret-Bertrand

Founder & CEO of Kite Up, digital communication agency

Milan & World

LinkedIn & personal branding expert

LinkedIn & personal branding expert

French, English, Italian

10 years of experience between Milan-Paris-Mexico

Support for expatriate managers

“Be ready to connect !”

They talk about me

My Vision of Coaching

Humanity, benevolence, surpassing oneself, construction …

My vision
Building a sweeter world

My mission and my convictions
Make this transition period a building experience towards a more harmonious professional life

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Passionate about the professional history of others, globetrotters and adventurers, I accompany managers in a virtual world in search of new challenges.


Marketing manager for the EMEA in medical electronics, I have developed a particular skill for niche markets.


Niche market marketing techniques, the key to networking on LinkedIn.


Continue to develop my skills to help and support all these super competent leaders, rich in international experience who find themselves in the job market.


Feedback on the accompaniment of Elisabeth

My journey

Holder of a master’s degree in biology and an MBA, I have made an international career in leading American companies in the medical equipment sector, where I have held various positions of responsibility in the fields of R&D and marketing.

After graduating from UCLA in Human Resources, I am certified to operate LinkedIn.

I created Kite Up in 2010, with the objective of putting my knowledge of the world of work and economic players at the service of senior executives looking for change or promotion, or companies seeking notoriety on LinkedIn.

An expatriate in Germany, Italy and then Mexico, I have a perfect knowledge of the specific issues related to expatriation. I conduct interviews in French or English, during physical or virtual meetings on Skype. China, Emirates, Latin America, United States, Europe… my clients are all over the world, and of course in France.

Ma prestation "Next International Career Move"