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Gregoire Amigues Leadership & Personal realisation - Coach Cadran

Grégoire Amigues

Personal Coach For Business Leaders

Singapour and World

·      Certified Self-Development Coach

·      30 years in finance, investment & corporate strategy

·      Did business in over 30 countries/5 continents

·      4 expatriations (Europe, Asia)

·      Certified as an Integral Coach (NewVenturesWest, San Francisco); accredited with the ICF

·      Advanced coaching trainings: ORSC™; Aletheia Levels 1 & 2

·      30 years in finance, investment & corporate strategy with global corporations as senior executive; investor; and Board Member

·      4 expatriation countries; based in Asia since 2017

·      Specialized in ‘Responsible Capitalism’ and ‘Impact Investment’

“Activating our humanity at work, a key to charismatic leadership”

My Services
Gregoire Amigues Leadership & Personal realisation - Coach Cadran

My vision of Executive Coaching

I support and train business leaders who believe in the power of humanity as a force for action.

My vision

Business organizations are made by humans for humans. Like their human components, they are intrinsically complex, rich, and changing organisms.

In order to properly connect with the organizations they run, leaders need to know, to activate and to master their own inner richness, that is their humanity, even in their professional roles.

My mission and my convictions

I train business leaders to activate their cognitive, emotional, relational, somatic, and intuitive intelligences in their leadership roles. As they learn to deploy those skills, and to use them in their decision-making processes, leaders gain access to an enlarged pool of resources to deal with stakeholders’ expectations and changes in operational environments.

Get to know me better

My work consists in introducing proven self-development skills into the practice of business leadership. Self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-realization are essential components of the successful leader’s toolkit today.


·      Close to 30 years in senior roles in finance, investment, and strategy with prestigious global corporations such as Deloitte, Lazard Freres, Lehman Brothers, Kering, Puma and JAB Holdings.

·      From 2017, deep dive into Responsible Capitalism (INSEAD Exec Degree; Oxford Saïd Business School), and practice of Impact Investment (President of INDEVOR; Mentor at Singapore Investment Fund).

·      In 2018, founding of Singapore-based INCORP—Human Inside, a fulltime practice of Personal Coaching for Business Leaders.


I am a certified Integral Coach, accredited with the ICF. I help leaders to introduce advanced self-development skills in their leadership practice. Genuine power lies within. The art of accessing and deploying this power requires training. This is the purpose of my work, which is inspired by a broad set of proven coaching methods such as: Integral Unfoldment; IFS; Coherence Therapy; and Relationship Systems Intelligence™ among others.


To activate humanity at work is not only “nice” or “good”. It also helps to connect several layers of living-together (individuals, groups, societies) at a time when the world is being shaken up. Business organizations play a key role in these interactions. My intention is to actively participate in this collaborative effort in a counseling role.

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You want to rejuvenate your inner foundations and to increase your impact.

–A confidential journey at your own pace that suits your objectives–

Introductory conversation

You want to learn more about my practice.

Let’s get in touch and (e-)meet.

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Situational coaching

You are faced with a challenge. You want senior, reliable guidance to tackle the issue and deliver outcomes.

Choose the 10-session format. 60 minutes each, every 1 to 3 weeks.

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Transformational coaching

You are going through transformative changes. You seek to clarify your thoughts and to honor your needs.

Choose the deep-dive format. Fixed duration of 6, 9 or 12 months. Number of sessions is flexible, up to 90 minutes each. The coach is available between sessions (calls or DM).

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My Services

My journey

From Wall Street to big, international Corporate; then on to Impact Investment; and finally blooming in professional coaching—my journey offers a broad, coherent set of experience and expertise, which I am happy to lend to your situation in the moment.

Since 2018

Certified self-development coach.

Personal coach supporting business leaders through their moments of questioning or transformation.

Practice off and online—Hong Kong, Singapour, Ho Chi Minh City, Kiev, Paris, New York.


Founder of INCORP—Human Inside Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).

Co-president of INDEVOR (INSEAD Alumni Organization for Social Impact).

Consulting and mentoring in relation to Impact Investment.

INSEAD Executive Degree Integrating Performance & Progress.


Partner, JAB Holdings.

Board Member @ Espresso House


Transition & job search

Consulting & Entrepreneurship


Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Business Development, Kering.

Board Member @ Puma and @ Volcom


Partner, Banca Leonardo


Executive Director, Lehman Brothers


Executive Director, Lazard Frères


Consultant, Deloitte Corporate Finance

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Gregoire Amigues Leadership & Personal realisation - Coach Cadran