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Sylvie Pregevole

Founder and director of Maison Pregevole-1968: Advice on Retirement Expertise and Private Management of Expatriates

Lyon & World

International Wealth Management / Retirement / International Career

Specialized Master in Engineering and Management of International Wealth

>20 years of supporting expatriates

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My Coaching Vision

Trust, optimization, transparency, journey together…

My vision Let’s draw your horizon today

My mission and my beliefs In order to move serenely and in full knowledge of the facts towards a retirement in the image of your career.


You are employed under a local or non-local contract, a liberal profession based abroad, a follow-on spouse, and you wish to prepare for your future retirement by anticipating and DEFINITELY DEVELOPING your assets from your country of expatriation


Banking career and branch management for international clients


Wealth strategy and retirement of expatriates: Audit, support and solutions to optimize the status of expatriation


Because an international career is precious, and because you only take your retirement once: it is essential to entrust them in good hands.


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My Journey

Sylvie is the daughter of expatriates who arrived in France at the age of 21 for work, and it was Monsieur who followed Madame! As part of my duties, since 2000 I only take care of non-resident, foreign and expatriate customers. The project was born in 2009, in Doha, Qatar during trips where I met expatriate women. One of them said to me, “Sylvie, why don’t you dedicate your job to advising us? us expatriate women, our spouses on local contracts, because no one takes care of us? “. This woman had sown a seed that has not stopped germinating… Two branches of heritage banking agencies with an international focus followed: in Nice, then in Chamonix. The creation of a cabinet for Expats was only becoming clearer. I have indeed too often seen situations in expatriation or not, badly anticipated in terms of Patrimonial and Retirement, which had real consequences during returns for the family and the following spouse, or during passages to Retirement . Today more than 50% of French expatriates have never looked into these subjects. Anticipation is the key word: The role of Maison Pregevole-1968 is to diagnose and optimize your situation as an expatriate or future expatriate, with regard to your career and future retirement.

My "Retirement Coaching" service