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Emotions are a universal management tool


🟣 Here are 3 studies that demonstrate, beyond cultural diversity, the universality of emotions generated by certain basic behaviors such as “looking someone in the eye”, “smiling as a sign of affiliation”, “being unkind” whatever the cultural variations that may exist under its notions. They offer fundamentals for any INTERNATIONAL MANAGER who leads LOCAL or MULTICULTURAL TEAMS.


▶️  The study by Sophie Wohltjen and Thalia Wheatley – Dartmouth College — « Eye contact marks the rise and fall of shared attention in conversation » confirms the importance of maintaining eye contact when communicating with an employee.


▶️  The study of Cooper and al. — Journal of Applied Psychology — « The Outsized Impacts of Rudeness in the Workplace » confirms the negative impact of derogatory behavior. When a MANAGER allows himself to be INSULTANT or CONTESTING, for example, he will REDUCE his COLLABORATOR’S JUDGMENT CAPABILITIES and REINFORCE his COGNITIVE BIAS.


▶️  The study of Magdalena Rychlowska and al. — Cognition and Emotion — « Dominance, reward, and affiliation smiles modulate the meaning of uncooperative or untrustworthy behaviour » reveals that a manager can always RECOVER the CONFIDENCE of his collaborator if he knows how to smile in the right way, not by satisfaction of his power, but as a sign of belonging and adherence to the problems of the latter.