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Live fully the age that we have

LIVE fully the AGE that we have

🟣 Here is a study that confirms the importance of being ALIGNED with yourself, especially on your date of birth. Indeed, knowing how to ENJOY the age you have, without dreaming of having another, is correlated with a GOOD MOOD.

🟣 The study develops the concept of “Subjective Age Discordance” (SAD) — the difference between the age one feels one is and the one one would like to be — the smaller this gap, the more one develops a POSITIVE state of mind.

▶️  Morality n°1: Let’s take advantage of the age we have every year. This will only happen once. So much for living it fully.

▶️ Morality n°2: Your alignment will be noticeable during your RECRUITMENT and your JOB TAKING. Living your age to the full also means maximizing the chances of SUCCESSFUL in your PROFESSIONAL TRANSITION.

🟣  To learn more, I invite you to explore the study of Jennifer A. Bellingtier et al., in « New Insights Into the Relationship Between How We Feel and Our Views On Aging », North Carolina State University :