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Unlocking the Virtual Manager

Towards effective online management

Do you have a strategy for ensuring your managers are effective in a virtual office?

Your teams will benefit from tailor-made support with Antoine Leygonie-Fialko, International Executif Coach & Consultant as well as Christian Malissard, Public speaker & Executive adviser

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Get bespoke virtual management support & coaching

Collective keynotes
Small-group workshops
Individual coaching sessions
• Facilitated by 2 experts with unique track records

Mind blowing stories stimulating collective & individual energy
Confidential listening for virtual managers
Practical advice shared with professionals involved in lockdowns before
Best practice tips discussed during group workshops
Neutral & non judgemental support to gain calm and focus across your organisation

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The new norm of virtual management requires a rethink

L’anticipation est vitale pour les entreprises

• Are you ‘covidproof’ to future lockdowns?
Parenting and managing roles require balancing
• Traditional office working habits get challenged by working from home
• Missed human relationship is back on the agenda
• But new health and mental issues need to be considered
Family life and cross generational interactions generate new rituals

Des difficultés naissent les opportunités

We know some virtual managers
• Have increased their efficiency while others felt isolated & digitally fatigued
• Have improved their decision making while others have lost sounded judgement
• Have strengthen their teams around common goals while others suffered from lack of staff engagement

Others are yet to make their mark
• Better time & priorities management
• Raise meeting efficiency
Improved focus & task management
• Stimulate management commitment
• Managing online discipline
• Expected shared online charter

Our offer

Our Bespoke program helps you adapt to change

• Develops your managers to become more effective while online
• Stimulates management’s positive mindset with engaging keynotes
• Raises management commitment
• Keeps staff open minded
• Provides online management best practices
• Better equips your firm for future challenges
• Develops your managers individually
• Encourages collective energy
• Avoids high potentials erosion
• Ensures your team is Covid fit

Our offer

online Keynote Teaser – ‘Dog sledding in Canada’

• Meticulous equipment preparation
Dog casting including lead dog selection
Itinerary planning due to weather forecast
Dogs stimulation to avoid injuries
• Ongoing risk assessment
• Planning bivouac
• Manage to reach destination safely
• Expedition debrief

Our offer

Online practical workshop in small groups ( 4-6 people)

With the help of interactive workshops, role pay, experience sharing and quizzes:
• Define or refine a vision that makes sense for your business
• Set relevant staff objectives while online
Motivate & inspire remote teams
Communicate with impact using digital tools (Zoom,..)
Influence colleagues, suppliers or clients online
• Improving own management effectiveness (impact/effort…)
• Anticipate & manage conflicts remotely

Individual online coaching sessions

• Self motivation and motivating people
• Strengthen self confidence
• Generate individual energy
Time & priority management
• Proactive listening
• Let go & don’t take things personally
• Take the right decision
• Managing conflict
Communicate & give constructive feedback

Our offer

They support you in this service

Two specialist coaches to bring more humanity to your organizations

Bénéficier de l’offre

Moscou & World

Antoine Leygonie-Fialko

International Executive Coaching
• Top 5 Moscow based coaches
• International serial entrepreneur
• Polytechnicien, Architect, Doctor in Philosophy
• Multicultural : China, Russia, Europe, Africa

UK & World

Christian Malissard

Executive adviser & Public speaker
• Adventurer entrepreneur
• 20+ years as Adviser
• 20+ years as Executive VP
• French & British citizenship

Why this service?

Christian Malissard answer

Our offer

The formula that matches your situation

A CADRAN & Eagle Performance service
Antoine Leygonie-Fialko & Christian Malissard

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I had the pleasure of working with Antoine in Russia for 1 year where he accompanied me on my assumption of the post. I was impressed by the accuracy of his analysis of the issues I had to face. His rich background in business and his international culture allow him to quickly understand the human and organizational issues of a business unit. His pragmatic approach then very quickly provided me with concrete managerial solutions, while significantly improving my communication style. I was also struck by his precision and attention to detail, never losing the goals set for him. Finally, his positive, cheerful personality and his great listening skills make him an expert with whom it is very pleasant to work.

Thomas Colette
Thomas Colette
General Manager - Faubourg Saint-Honoré Flagship at Hermès

Christian is a key ally of my management team. He has met all my managers during a suite of events where he
shared his passion for adventure blended with a spin of business advisor. His style is unique.
With his input, I managed to bring my managers one level up. Christian is a story teller and through his adventures
and entrepreneurial experiences, we like to listen to his observations and comments.
For more than 2 years now, Christian has helped my executive committee to think, reflect, communicate. He
challenges the way we manage our business and our staff. His comments have a sniper effect. Christian likes people,
he understands our business’s unique set of issues and constraints.
During the last 10 months of lockdown, Christian helped me and my executive committee to put in place the
appropriate governance to face the crisis. He developed for us the relevant programs to help my managers to learn
how to manage remotely.
Remote management was new for us and we faced many challenges that we identified with Christian. We have
fixed many and we have put in place the right education for my staff and for my managers.

Philippe Rémignon
Philippe Rémignon
Chairman of the management board - Vilogia