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Leadership with DISC

You are an international leader…
You want to become an inspiring and impactful Leader…

Become an inspiring Leader internationally


Get personalized support

•For you and your teams, workshops led by a DISC expert
• For yourself, individual executive coaching sessions, led by a specialized International Executive Coach
• A 24×7 DISC assessment for each participant
• 4 hours of e-learning for all participants
• 4 collective online workshops on the DISC tool
• “Introduction to DISC personality profiles and the diversity of profiles in your team”
• “Communicate effectively
• “Know how to motivate
• “Team-building
• 4 individual online coaching sessions for the manager

Take advantage of the offer

Some results of your support

All attendees:
• will have a better knowledge of themselves and the way they are perceived
• will be able to understand their interlocutors more easily
based on behavioral cues
• will have keys to communicate effectively with others by adjusting their behavior
The manager :
• will be able to understand and anticipate the reactions of his team
• will have the keys to motivate and inspire

Take advantage of the offer

They accompany you in this service

Two specialist coaches to bring more humanity to your organizations

Take advantage of the offer

Kiev & World

Antoine Leygonie-Fialko

International Executive Coach & Adviser
• Top 5 international executive coaches
• Polytechnicien, Architect, Dr in Philosophy
• International multi-entrepreneur
• Multicultural - Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa

Lyon & World

Marc Prager

Intercultural Management Consultant
• 4 languages - 6 expatriations
• HEC Paris
• NLP and DISC certified
• Intervention in 32 countries

Do you want to become an inspiring leader internationally?

With Antoine Leygonie-Fialko, International Executive Coach & Marc Prager, Intercultural Management Consultant

Price for 10 participants: €10,850 excluding tax


They talk about Antoine & Marc