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International Business

Successful international development

You are a CEO of an international subsidiary
and want to develop your business

• Effectively develop your business abroad
• Gain height and step back
• Build relationships of trust
• Manage cultural differences on strategic issues and the management of crisis situations

Discover our offer
Cadran International Executive Coaching avec l’excellence française

What you will find

Tailor-made support for

• Develop an operational strategy “Think global, act local”
• Know your targets and adapt supply to demand
• Evaluate local competition
• Create a marketing strategy linked to the context
• Develop new distribution channels
• Knowing how to convert your prospects into customers
• Take into account interculturality
• Knowing how to build trusting and lasting relationships

Discover our offer

CADRAN is a member of the OSCI

At the heart of international development

Benefit from the offer

Successful international development

A CADRAN service with our coach Antoine Leygonie-Fialko

1 online session of 60 minutes per month
Cost: 890 € HT per session

Subscription: 795 € HT / month for a one-year commitment
(12 sessions) for a total of € 9,540 instead of € 10,680


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