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We hold the effort better if we take short breaks

We hold the EFFORT better if we take SHORT BREAKS

🟣 A study confirms both the effectiveness of short breaks at work — which it is therefore useful to promote — and their ineffectiveness if too much fatigue has accumulated. Could this be a new pre-burn-out marker that could alert you when you or your employees are no longer benefiting from short breaks?

🟣 What do you think of this hypothesis? I would be happy to discuss this with you…

🟣 To learn more, I invite you to explore the article of Tanja Müller, Miriam C. Klein-Flügge, Sanjay G. Manohar, Masud Husain & Matthew A. J. Apps., in » Neural and computational mechanisms of momentary fatigue and persistence in effort-based choice », Nature Communications :


International Executive Coach and Consultant

Antoine Leygonie-Fialko is an International Executive Coach, ICF certified at PCC level, specializing in supporting international leaders "Towards CLEAR, CALM, CARING and POWERFUL thinking".

He is the founder of the CO-CREATiVE Communication® and the company CADRAN which operates globally. Previously, he managed 7 companies, from start-ups to corporate, in France and internationally (Europe, Asia, America, Africa), in various industries (construction, architecture, internet, HR…).

Today, with more than 2,000 hours of Executive Coaching, he works remotely with international leaders and their teams who want to unleash the power within their singularity in front of strong challenges requiring them to get out of their comfort zone & known mental frameworks.

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