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The CO-CREATiVE Communication®

International Executive Coaching with French excellence

A transversal approach to individuals for more humanity within organizations.

Cadran has designed a unique methodology, the CO-CREATiVE Communication®, an unprecedented synthesis of the latest coaching techniques to support managers in leading change.

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The essence of Cadran

To face the 4C challenges of the 21st century, it is essential to take into account the individual dimension of management to create a collective aligned with a common aim.

Our Mission Support towards “More humanity in organizations”

Our vision Practice what you preach every day. The continuous development of excellence and of our talent community allows us to increase the consideration of the human factor in organizations.

Our Solution A collective of talents which relies on CO-CREATiVE Communication® to develop the human factor in a sustainable way in the relationships and decisions of the company.

CO-CREATiVE Communication®

CO-CREATiVE Communication®, an unprecedented synthesis of the latest coaching techniques developed by Cadran. A proven methodology to bring more humanity into organizations.


Reduce stress by intentionally focusing on the present experience

Emotional & Relational Intelligence

Recognize, understand and control your own emotions, deal with those of others

Coaching and Co-Development

Collaborate to find new approaches and solutions adapted to the situation

Inspirational Communication

Communicate to stimulate initiatives and converge ideas towards a common ambition

– A range of tools at the service of CO-CREATiVE Communication® –

A major asset to strengthen its soft skills ‘4C’, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration.

7C analysis

Align the 7 brains to be an inspiring leader
Thanks to neuroscience, it becomes possible to align our various intelligences.

7R method

Communicate in an impactful way
More powerful than Non-Violent Communication (NVC), the 7R method allows you to advance your ideas while defusing conflicts.

ALPHA tool

Free yourself from limiting thought
Stop hesitating or ruminating thanks to a technique inspired by martial arts applied to the traps that our thought sets for us.

Co-Conference Approach

Develop creativity and critical thinking in an assembly
Synthesis of co-development and participatory facilitation techniques, this approach develops the collective intelligence of large assemblies.

Co-Reflection Framework

Develop creativity and critical thinking in a group
Inspired by individual coaching techniques, this framework enables a small group to resolve the most difficult situations.

Thinking in 4C

Conduct strategic thinking alone or with your teams
This thinking model illuminates the whole situation and reveals the most hidden gray areas.

Our talents

Our Top Executive Coaches accompany you towards more humanity in your organizations

At the heart of business ecosystems

Cadran invests in developing a benevolent ecosystem

Pro Bono

We provide free support to many companies, institutions, associations facing complex and uncertain situations.

Our actions


We want to interact with the players who boost the economic fabric and strengthen the business and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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