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Meaningful coaching

Control your career in all sincerity

You are a leader in search of meaning and reorientation of your career

• Expand your knowledge of yourself
• Identify your talents by distinguishing them from your skills
• Identify your inner “fire” among your many desires
• Find your true “self” and the source of your energy

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Why coaching “meaningful coaching”

Benefit from tailor-made support for

• 90-minute online sessions
• A total of 10 coaching sessions
• 2-3 sessions per month, for 4 months
• Many tools to use between sessions

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A few steps in your support …

Understanding yourself is the key to success

Widening of self-knowledge: Exploring the “blind zone” and the “hidden zone”
• Analysis of “Life Flow”: Stages of life, values and antivalues, learning …
• Logical levels of DILTS: “Mission of life” “Identity”
• Exploration of levels of consciousness
Analysis of “desires” using the “7 Brains” tool
Release of “limiting beliefs” by the “Alpha” tool
• Construction of a realistic project with the “4C” tool

Our offer

Finding meaning and purpose

A CADRAN service with one of our specialized coaches.

Cost: depending on the package and the duration of the sessions

Special Offer for Individuals: -30% on corporate rates


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