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Procrastination Coaching

Keeping (finally) your resolutions

You are a leader full of good resolutions but sometimes you procrastinate…

  • Identify the nodes of resistance to your resolutions
  • Understand the message sent by your resistances
  • Find out how to bypass your resistance nodes
  • Release your “true self” and the source of your energy
  • Expand your self-knowledge


Why “procrastination coaching” coaching?

Benefit from tailor-made support for

  • 60-90-120 minute online sessions (depending on package)
  • A total of 10 coaching sessions
  • Many tools to use between sessions
  • Cost according to package: Manager-Director-Premium

Take advantage of the offer

A few steps of your accompaniment…

Understanding yourself is the key to success

  • Expansion of self-knowledge
  • Exploring Your “7 Brains”
  • Analysis of internal resistances
  • Contacting the messages sent by each of the resistors
  • Building an action plan that satisfies your “7 Brains”
  • Setting up “reinforcers” to overcome your resistances
  • Alignment and release of your energy
  • Lasting movement of your power to do

Take advantage of the offer

Finally keep your resolutions and overcome your resistance and procrastination

A CADRAN service with one of our specialized coaches.

Cost: depending on the package and the duration of the sessions

Special Offer for Individuals: -30% on corporate rates


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