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More Humanity in Organizations

Cadran International Executive Coaching
with French Excellence

Take into account the individual dimension of management and create a collective aligned with a common aim to constantly adapt to change through coaching

Let’s act together to reveal human potential of your organization and meet the challenges of our time


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Cadran & its customers

A transversal approach of individuals within organizations to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Major groups – You want to make it easier to take office and strengthen the leadership of your managers in a new cultural environment.

Expatriate entrepreneurs – You want to surround yourself to develop your leadership in a new business environment.

SMEs abroad – You want to establish yourself internationally by relying on players in the field so that all the conditions for your success are met.

International Executive Coaching

- Cadran accompagne les grands groupes, les filiales, les PME à l'international, les entrepreneurs expatriés -

Nos références par secteur d'activité

Our Coaching Approach

To face the 4C challenges of the 21st century, it is essential to take into account the individual dimension of management to create a collective aligned with a common goal.

Thanks to CO-CREATiVE Communication®, Cadran models the key success factors for your business in its coaching. More human in organizations thanks to a unique methodology, an unprecedented synthesis of the latest coaching techniques.

A coach accompanies you, where you are, to bring the HUMAN factor into your business relationships and decisions. Let’s develop collective intelligence together.

Our Approach

Cadran Coaches

Cadran coaches support individuals and teams, face-to-face in their favorite city or online around the world.


Cadran, une organisation apprenante qui partage ses connaissances en coaching et ses recherches sur l'accompagnement des individus et des organisations.


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