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The Cadran coaches offer you their support services

Our services are all customizable and geared towards a common goal: bringing more humanity into your organizations!

Each of our interventions is based on a specific methodology, CO-CREATiVE Communication®, a unique synthesis of the latest Executive Coaching techniques.

Individual Coaching

Collective Coaching

Organizational Coaching

Career transition coaching

Are you an international executive? Would you like to turn change into opportunity and get back to work quickly?


Individual Coaching

A process of individual conversations based on a collaborative relationship between coach and client.

Conversations are centered on objectives to be achieved, structured to develop potential, take action and thus increase performance levels for both the employee and the company.

Individual Coaching enables executives to be supported in 4 main directions.

Coaching the Person to solve individual challenges (motivation, stress, procrastination…)

Relationship Coaching to improve relationships with certain people (misunderstandings, tensions, conflicts…)

Inter-relationship Coaching to develop your leadership skills (charisma, inspiring leadership, team spirit…)

Strategical Coaching for stress-free strategic decision-making

Cadran and its coaches offer two approaches to individual coaching

Face-to-face Individual Coaching

Conversations take place face-to-face, either at the coach’s office, at the client’s office, or at another mutually agreed location, to ensure the necessary peace and confidentiality.

All our individual coaching services

Online Individual Coaching

Conversations take place over the phone or by videoconference on Zoom or any other platform that suits the customer and their company policy. We cover the whole range of time slots.

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Collective Coaching

Collective Coaching is a series of group meetings led by a coach.

It’s based on a relationship in which the coach supports the team, focusing on the objectives to be achieved and structured to enable the team to develop its potential, take action and increase its own performance and that of the company.

Group coaching on each of the 4C issues

Critical Thinking Coaching is a training program that integrates coaching and training techniques to enhance learning and develop critical thinking skills.

Communication Coaching enables you to develop strong interpersonal communication skills, the foundation of a genuine relationship of trust

Collaborative Coaching develops team spirit and collaboration towards a common goal

Creativity Coaching can awaken a team’s creativity and develop its capacity for innovation.

Cadran and its coaches offer two approaches to collective coaching

Group Coaching

The Collective is a “group” because it’s made up of people from different backgrounds who are united, for the duration of the coaching session, solely by a shared desire to make progress on a particular theme.

All our group coaching services

Team Coaching

The Collective is a “team” because it is united, beyond the duration of the Coaching session, by a common objective that can only be achieved through frequent interaction between its members.

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Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching takes the form of a series of meetings in full assembly, in sub-groups, and individually, led by several coaches from the CADRAN team.

It is based on a relationship of support for the Organization by the CADRAN team, centered on objectives to be achieved and structured in such a way as to enable the Organization to develop its potential, take action and thus increase its impact and level of performance.

By cascading the support provided, Organization Coaching makes it possible to intervene at several levels of the organization. Spread out over several months, this coaching is punctuated by regular meetings in full assembly, then spread through sub-group meetings in workshop format, and finally finely personalized by a few individual coaching sessions.

Cadran and its coaches offer two approaches to organizational coaching

Transformation Coaching

The organization is guided in the cultural transformation and environmental transformation defined by the company, so that a new mission, new values and new behaviors are shared and adopted.

All our organizational coaching services

Integration Coaching

The organization is supported in its integration of a new entity (Merger & Acquisition) to develop a quality of communication, relationship and collaboration that consolidates team motivation and enriches the corporate culture.

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