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Onboarding Coaching

Why Onboarding Coaching?

Because 40% of top managers leave their new position within 18 months1

Antoine Leygonie-Fialko will make this position beneficial for you & your business

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Make it easier for managers & amp; managers in France or abroad

Onboarding Coaching makes the manager overcome his 5 main obstacles2

• Over- or insufficient self-confidence
• Inability to listen
• Ignorance of the need to build relationships
• Approaching leadership from an angle unsuited to the corporate culture
• Lack of training & coaching in Leadership

Our offer

Onboarding Coaching allows you to focus on the success factors3

Some steps of your support

• Understand the scope of his position and the organization of roles
• Establish the right relationships with the right people
• Demonstrate an understanding of the corporate culture and a willingness to subscribe to it
• Express everyone’s expectations
• Identify values and anti-values in the culture of the organization
• Make a contribution based on their personality and talents

Our offer

1 Research conducted by CEB-Gartner and cited in Havard Business Review, Jean Martin, 17 Jan. 2014
2 Roxi Hewertson, CEO of Highland Consulting Group and – cited by Nicole Fallon in “Leadership Failures: 5 Stumbling Blocks for Bosses”, Business News Dayly, Oct. 15, 2014
3 Douglas Riddle, “White paper: Executive integration”, Center for Creative Leadership®, Watkins, Feb. 2016

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