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Using DISC Profile at Work

Using DISC Profile at Work

When over 2 million people are using DISC profiles every year, there must be something special about it. DISC personality test analyzes a person’s behavioral style, but more importantly, it predicts the synergy and communication of a team. Thus, it is used by several companies to up their business game. 

The advantages of using DISC profiles in the workplace are immense, and that’s why it has become an accepted behavior assessment tool. Let’s discuss some benefits the DISC model offers. 

Benefits of DISC Profiles

1.      Building Harmonious Teams

One of the foremost advantages of using DISC profiles is that it helps you to figure which employees will work well together, allowing you to build cohesive teams. DISC profiling enables you to know the personality types of team members, foresee their collaboration, and find any lacking.

Having diverse personality profiles in a team makes them more adaptable, productive, and smart. I-Styles bring creativity to your team, while D’s seek results. C-Styles want to learn about the tiniest detail, and S-Styles understand and help others. So, you can use the DISC profile to understand the personality types and team-up your employees effectively. Not only in building, but DISC also helps in team development.

 By conducting DISC personality assessments, you can also figure out the leadership preferences of any working group.

2.      Better Recruitment

The DISC personality profile test is mostly used by HR managers to recruit compatible people. Using the DISC profile reports, you can assess the interpersonal skills of job applicants. The DISC assessment model also helps you to judge whether a person will be a good fit for your team. For instance, if your team lacks creativity, you need to recruit somebody with a person having high influence style in his profile.

You can find out if the person’s nature resonates with that of the job. To fill the position of a data analyst, you will need a person having a strong C-Style in their personality profile report. Creating DISC reports of job candidates may take some time, but the results are worth it.

3.      Effective Communication

Good communication in the workplace is the key to an organisation’s success. People have different interpersonal skills. But, by looking at the DISC personality report, you can learn about a person’s communication and management style. Evaluating the personality profiles of team members can help you predict and reduce the communication gaps. So, the approach of using DISC profiling to improve communication in your company is always a smart one.

Not only with colleagues, but DISC training also helps you to communicate effectively with your customers by understanding their behavior. People in the sales, marketing, and customer support departments can use the DISC model to their advantage.

4.      Frictionless Working Relations

The relations between employees affect productivity, project results, and performance of any organisation.If a conflict arises between two people, then it affects the entire team. It is, therefore, necessary to create a warm, harmonious working environment. The best way to do so is to conduct DISC personality assessments of your workers. By doing this, you can make compatible people work together and prevent personality clashes that harm your company’s operation.

Some personality profiles work well with each other, while others don’t.It is essential to figure out whether the people who are working in a team complement one another. All this can help you to improve your team results in a short time.


5.      Leadership Skills

DISC personality profiling and training can assist you in becoming a better leader as it enables you to understand human behavioral styles. It tells team leaders the motivations, fears, preferences, and personalities of your subordinates so you can manage them more efficiently. Apart from its deficiencies, you can also know how your team members like to be led. This improves the team management skills of leaders.

Team leaders use it to understand the behavior types of their team members. By understanding your DISC profile report, you can spot your weakness and overcome them to enhance your leadership and personal skills.

6.      Personal Development

Whether you’re starting your career or have enjoyed countless accomplishments, learning your personality type takes you one step ahead of the rest. DISC personality assessments can help you know about yourself and the roles you fit in best. Once you’ve understood your behavioral style, it becomes easier to grow as an individual within an organisation and thrive in your career. So, DISC assessment report can be a great personal development tool.

Summing it up, the DISC personality assessment is immensely beneficial for any organisation. This profiling model has helped thousands of companies to grow and set new highs in a span of a short time. So, schedule your DISC personality profile test and training with Marc Prager Conseil and be the next to progress.

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