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The 7 advantages of writing a book for an international leader

The 7 advantages of writing a book for an international leader

Do you run a business, in trade, crafts or industry? Do you know that it is a real wealth that you should pass on? Because it is important that your memory is not lost, discover here the 7 advantages of writing a book in business!

1. Keep track of your passage

Tell the story of your business to leave a mark. Transmitting the memory of your company and recounting your experience makes sense. How did you get the idea to create this company, this product, this service? How did you come up with your brand name, your logo? What were the difficulties, successes and failures?

Trace all your years of work and explain how you have grown your business and why it is an invaluable asset. You who are lucky enough to have built your work tool or to actively participate in the life of a company, take the time to tell your story. Your loved ones will thank you for taking care to leave a written record of your professional life.

2. Inspire your successors

Your memories are part of your heritage but they can also give meaning to others, enlighten them, give them the desire to move forward and improve in turn. You will surely sow seeds in the minds of your successors, which will encourage them to continue the history of the company or to choose the path of entrepreneurship. What they hear will infuse their minds. Let us not forget that the future has its roots in the past.

3. Tell a story to your customers

Because it is no longer enough to praise your products or your services to attract customers. People need to feel that they have people with real sensitivity in front of them, especially at a time when mass marketing makes us forget the human aspect of companies. They like to know that you have an exciting or atypical background and that is what they will want to know. Be original and tell your journey like an epic. Because you are the hero, we want to know the end of the story!

4. Reach your goals

Defining your goals and writing them down naturally leads to achieving them. Half the way is done if you formalize them in writing. By doing this, you commit to prioritizing and thus naturally achieve your goal. Writing helps prioritize and get things done more easily.

5. Develop writing therapy

By writing on his feelings and not on the story of the event itself, you will focus on your feelings by disregarding the usual rules of spelling, punctuation or grammar. It is by flattening your emotions that you will evacuate them and focus on the present. Writing makes it possible to improve one’s sleep, to analyze past events in the light of the present, to be more peaceful and more positive.

For a leader, writing alleviates stress levels and anxiety levels and plays a role of complementary medicine by influencing heart rate, breathing, blood pressure or even blood circulation.

6. Strengthen your working memory

Short-term memory is used to record information and store it. Writing will help you better channel them to retain and use them. It is by writing that you will learn in depth. You may know that writing by hand with a pen is much more efficient than typing on a keyboard. Writing also develops your capacity for synthesis and is therefore very useful in the professional environment.

7. Boost your confidence

Above all, writing is a great way to learn to love yourself. By writing your story, you give yourself a moment of reconnection with yourself and you will strengthen your self-esteem. Writing allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses to better integrate them. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you won’t be able to write an impactful manuscript. To improve your confidence, you can do different exercises or attend a writing workshop.

Article co-written with Valérie Chèze (writer, proofreader & translator)

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