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The 8 benefits of Meaningful Coaching for the expatriate manager

The 8 benefits of Meaningful Coaching for the expatriate manager

“There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going” – Seneca


Generally, the international leader has had a thrilling career, allowing him to chain positions of responsibility while discovering new countries and new cultures.

However, after a few years, this same leader does not always feel that he has led his life. It is rather life, with its succession of opportunities, that has led him to where he is today. In fact, this type of leader has never really been in control of his destiny.

At this stage, the leader frequently feels a drop in motivation, a decrease in energy and curiosity. He is in “loss of sense”.

This leader needs to reconnect with their “inner compass” and their “true self”.

Faced with such a situation, here are the 8 benefits of “meaningful coaching” for the leader abroad.

Benefit #1: Free yourself from “limiting beliefs” about the world

Over the years, you have forged solid convictions about how to run a business, teams and your own life. Your convictions have been reinforced by your successes. However, it is these same convictions that constitute, today, the main obstacle to your well-being and your personal development. Too often, you hold on to beliefs mechanically without realizing that they are limiting you. Sorting out the convictions that are beneficial to you and those that hold you back, then freeing yourself from the latter, will be the first benefit of meaningful coaching.

Benefit #2: Reconnecting with the “True Self”

As an international leader, you are often a prisoner of the image you wanted to give of yourself and of the image that others projected onto you. By dint of “playing a role”, that of the expatriate leader, you have distanced yourself from who you really are. Meaning Coaching allows you to lift the mask and rediscover who you already are: the true self.

Benefit n°3: Satisfying deep-seated needs

By rediscovering your “true self”, you will be able to hear its needs: those that you have neglected to meet for many years. Even more, by reestablishing a dialogue with your true self, you will be able to begin to satisfy your deepest needs. By doing so, you will quickly have the pleasure of feeling that you have started to “live” again.

Benefit #4: Identify Your “Life Mission”

Dialogue with the true self helps identify your core values and your “life purpose”. Deep down, everyone has the more or less confused feeling that they were not born “by chance”. To your true self, it seems like you were born with a “mission” to fulfill. Meaningful Coaching helps you identify and articulate the “why I am here”, in other words, your “life mission”.

Benefit n°5: Aligning values and projects

Having identified your “life purpose”, it becomes possible to align your values with your behaviors. With meaning coaching, you will be able to choose the skills you want to learn to be fully aligned. This will become your personal development program! You will take charge of your life because you will finally know in which direction you are going.

Benefit #6: Choose your impact on the world and work on it realistically

Once you have a clear vision of the behaviors that are aligned with your values, meaning coaching will allow you to define a life plan based on its impact on the world. It will allow you to develop a realistic strategy for its effective implementation!

Benefit n°7: Choose, as the next stage of life, what will make you “grow” the most

Meaningful coaching will give you more than direction. It will allow you to identify the best next milestone in your personal development: your “next stage in life”. You will thus know the deep stakes of the years which present themselves to you.

Benefit n°8: Find motivation and pleasure in your work

At the end of the meaning coaching, you will feel that you have fully regained your motivation. You may do your job differently, and sometimes you will even decide to change it or engage in a side hustle. In any case, you will rediscover the pleasure of living and dedicating yourself to your activity because it will finally make sense to you!


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