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The benefits of back-to-work coaching

Career Transition and Return to EMPLOYMENT Coaching for International Leaders

Why “Professional Transition Coaching”

Back-to-work coaching? Why ?


Because I want to quickly FIND A JOB

Because I want to make change an OPPORTUNITY

What can Transition Coaching do for me?

Transition Coaching takes me through the 6 main stages of a successful retraining

Get to know my uniqueness and my talents
• Set ambitious and realistic goals
• Build a strategic plan
• Communicate effectively and fluently
• Implement my actions methodically
• Regularly adapt my strategy to the situation

Success factors

Transition Coaching allows me to strengthen each of the 7 success factors

Maintain my self-esteem and a positive state of mind
• Create a conducive environment
• Organize myself well and go to the essentials
• Respect the Assess – Decide – Act sequence
• Know how to develop my network with performance
• Strengthen my interpersonal skills
• Knowing how to take pleasure in my retraining

How to benefit from a “Diagnosis” session?

A diagnostic session with Antoine Leygonie-Fialko, International Executive Coach

Before the session
You will have a 20 min pre-session interview with Quentin Dupuy, Agent of the CADRAN team to prepare you well for the session

A 1 hour session with Antoine Leygonie-Fialko composed of 3 parts:
1. Presentation of your situation (5min.)
2. Mock interview (20 min.)
3. Debrief (35 mins.)

After the session
You will receive a practical guide personalized to your situation:
1. Your Strengths for Returning to Work
2. Your Weaknesses
3. Priority areas for improvement
4. Tools to progress on these axes

Cost: €300 including tax

Organize a session

To organize a session, I contact Quentin Dupuy — Executive Coaching Agent

Organize a session

Who are we ?

Since 2013, CADRAN has been an Executive Coaching company serving international companies

CADRAN is directed by Antoine LEYGONIE-FIALKO, founder of the CO-CREATIVE Communication® method and author of the series of interviews “Words of International Leaders”

Antoine LEYGONIE-FIALKO is a professional coach, ICF certified, with more than 1000 hours of practice. Doctor of Aesthetic Philosophy, Architect dplg, Ponts et Chaussées Engineer and Polytechnician, he managed 7 companies, from Start-up to Corporate, in France and abroad (Russia, China, Indian Ocean, Africa) and in various industries (construction, internet, HR)

Today, he offers his clients an exclusive service combining the wealth of his experience as a manager with his skills as a professional coach.