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The benefits of the DISC method for developing leadership

The benefits of the DISC method for developing leadership

What is leadership? It may be: “ an ability to influence a person, women and men in organizations. This ability generally results in a natural ease with being followed by others. But why would your team follow you in your projects? Perhaps because a leader has an extraordinary ability to know himself and to understand others. There is a method for this: The DISC method for a business leader. DISC is a very high quality self-knowledge tool. It allows you to become a better communicator and manager, and to gain the trust of your team. This is one of the keys to generating this magnetism so typical of a great leader. In the professional world, knowing your behavioral style is always an advantage. Self-knowledge helps guide, inspire, and better convince others. So that’s the art of leadership. Thanks to the DISC method, you will be able to develop your leadership and cultivate the performance of your team. You will more easily develop a common vision with your team.

What is the role of behavior in a leader?

In leadership training, behavior, or more specifically behavioral analysis, is at the heart of leadership development. This is, in our opinion, one of the essential areas of work for everyone present. This is to discover his profile, and discover the profiles of the members of his team.

What is the DISC method?

The DISC method has already proven itself with a growing number of entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. Marston’s theory (the designer of DISC) refers to a behavioral analysis that describes how a person acts, and how they adapt to their environment. It’s like a personality test that helps to better understand your comfort and discomfort zone, your strengths and weaknesses in order to better succeed in leading your employees towards a shared project.

In the field of management and leadership, it is important to adapt one’s style to the needs of the employees. The DISC method will allow you to respond well to the requirements of your interlocutors. The DISC personality test is based on the theory of William Marston. According to him, developing his managerial leadership is the key to achieving his goals. By referring to the DISC method, also called the color method, the individual becomes more effective in his management style and in his communication strategy. Therefore, the DISC test relies on a 4 color code and each color representing a style of behavioral need. With the DISC method, you can simply evaluate human behavior in order to adapt your communication strategy.

How can the DISC method help you become a better leader?

In matters of organization and leadership, hierarchical power alone is not enough. Far from it ! To be truly successful, one would have to take the time to study each personality in order to be able to influence them directly. That’s what the profile test (or color method) is for. William Marston‘s model makes it possible to rely on the language of colors, for a better knowledge of oneself and others. The DISC tool stands for Dominant, Influential, Stable, and Compliant. This DISC test is one of the most widely used self-knowledge tests in the world today. It is a model which is available in 4 colors (red, yellow, green and blue) and which makes it possible to decipher non-verbal messages in order to adopt attitudes which respond well to the requirements of the environment.

The benefits of the DISC method

The benefits of the rainbow method are manifold. For the dominant profile, the influential dominant, the influential DISC profile, the stable profile, the influential profile, the dominant DISC profile, the stable DISC profile, or the conscientious profile, the original color method will allow you to succeed in your interpersonal communication in order to gain flexibility and efficiency.

The rainbow method is also validated in business coaching. If then you want to gain influence and maximize your potential, you should undergo training in the Color DISC method which will enable you to communicate better.

Why international leadership?

The original method of rainbow colors makes it possible to better manage people and gain leadership. All the employees of the different subsidiaries that you manage will benefit from the DISC method. And this regardless of their nationality. Indeed, you will be able to easily identify the profiles of Dominance, Influence or Stability, Influential Stable Conscientious or Influence Stability Compliance. Above all, quickly assigning your contact a DISC profile saves you time and effort. From then on, you will be able to adapt your relationship and your communication to the type of DISC personality you have in front of you. It is a method that has globally proven itself in many fields.

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