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The 5 Benefits of Conflict Resolution Coaching

The 5 Benefits of Conflict Resolution Coaching

“We always seek to bridge what is and what should be; and thereby give rise to a state of contradiction and conflict in which all energies are lost” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

In the professional world, and even more so in international business where multiculturalism is omnipresent, it is common to face conflict situations that undermine relationships and waste a lot of energy, time and money. to each of the parties.

Everyone knows that the ego is often the blocking point in conflict situations, and that it would be enough to set it back to find peaceful relationships. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. This is why conflict resolution coaching is an essential support to get out of such situations from above.

But that’s not all. Here are the 5 often overlooked benefits of conflict resolution coaching

Benefit #1: Getting out of the impasse and moving forward

The first benefit of conflict resolution coaching is to allow you to get out of the impasse of your current situation and move forward. Prolonging a conflict is of little interest. You may think this will exhaust your opponent. But you will also waste energy, time and money. Above all, you will always have recurring thoughts about this conflict somewhere within you. Whereas if you get out of the impasse quickly, the conflict will seem ancient history to you and you will be able to dedicate yourself completely to the projects that are close to your heart and give you positive energy.

In this perspective, it is sometimes said “a bad agreement is better than no agreement at all”. Indeed, as long as there is no agreement, all stakeholders are tense and underperforming. Everyone devotes a lot of energy to maintaining the conflict instead of moving forward.

Benefit n°2: Clarify everyone’s expectations and feelings

The second benefit of conflict resolution coaching is to have a better understanding of the expectations and feelings of the parties involved. With conflict resolution coaching, you may not agree with each stakeholder’s point of view, but you will know them in detail and understand their logic. By allowing everyone to reveal their expectations and feelings, conflict resolution coaching can shed light at the heart of the conflict. By bringing this light to the parties often left in the shadows, the conflict suddenly becomes less difficult to resolve.

Benefit n°3: Building a future that suits everyone

The third benefit of conflict resolution coaching is to restore a quality of communication that makes it possible to find innovative solutions. By awakening the creativity that lies dormant in each of the stakeholders, this type of coaching promotes the construction of a future that suits everyone.

Benefit n°4: Restore a quality relationship

The fourth benefit of conflict resolution coaching is to restore a quality relationship. At this stage of coaching, the speakers understand each other. Differences of view are clearly stated and respected by each other. In addition, the contours of a future that suits everyone are emerging. At this stage, even if the foreseen future is that of a professional or contractual separation, the quality of the relationship has been restored because everyone feels understood and respected by the other, in their differences.

Benefit n°5: Regain serenity

The fifth benefit of conflict resolution coaching goes beyond the question of the conflict itself. It preserves your own well-being. Even if the agreement is not a “good agreement” from a business point of view, you will remember from this coaching the memory of having been able to re-establish a quality relationship with your interlocutors, and of having found a real serenity in you.

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