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The benefits of back-to-work coaching

Career Transition and Return to EMPLOYMENT Coaching for International Leaders

Why “Professional Transition Coaching”

Back-to-work coaching? Why ?


Because I want to quickly FIND A JOB

Because I want to make change an OPPORTUNITY

What can Transition Coaching do for me?

Transition Coaching takes me through the 6 main stages of a successful retraining

Get to know my uniqueness and my talents
• Set ambitious and realistic goals
• Build a strategic plan
• Communicate effectively and fluently
• Implement my actions methodically
• Regularly adapt my strategy to the situation

Success factors

Transition Coaching allows me to strengthen each of the 7 success factors

Maintain my self-esteem and a positive state of mind
• Create a conducive environment
• Organize myself well and go to the essentials
• Respect the Assess – Decide – Act sequence
• Know how to develop my network with performance
• Strengthen my interpersonal skills
• Knowing how to take pleasure in my retraining

How to benefit from a “Diagnosis” session?

A diagnostic session with Antoine Leygonie-Fialko, International Executive Coach

Before the session
You will have a 20 min pre-session interview with Quentin Dupuy, Agent of the CADRAN team to prepare you well for the session

A 1 hour session with Antoine Leygonie-Fialko composed of 3 parts:
1. Presentation of your situation (5min.)
2. Mock interview (20 min.)
3. Debrief (35 mins.)

After the session
You will receive a practical guide personalized to your situation:
1. Your Strengths for Returning to Work
2. Your Weaknesses
3. Priority areas for improvement
4. Tools to progress on these axes

Cost: €300 including tax

Organize a session

To organize a session, I contact Quentin Dupuy — Executive Coaching Agent

Organize a session

Who are we ?

Since 2013, CADRAN has been an Executive Coaching company serving international companies

CADRAN is directed by Antoine LEYGONIE-FIALKO, founder of the CO-CREATIVE Communication® method and author of the series of interviews “Words of International Leaders”

Antoine LEYGONIE-FIALKO is a professional coach, ICF certified, with more than 1000 hours of practice. Doctor of Aesthetic Philosophy, Architect dplg, Ponts et Chaussées Engineer and Polytechnician, he managed 7 companies, from Start-up to Corporate, in France and abroad (Russia, China, Indian Ocean, Africa) and in various industries (construction, internet, HR)

Today, he offers his clients an exclusive service combining the wealth of his experience as a manager with his skills as a professional coach.


International Executive Coach and Consultant

Antoine Leygonie-Fialko is an International Executive Coach, ICF certified at PCC level, specializing in supporting international leaders "Towards CLEAR, CALM, CARING and POWERFUL thinking".

He is the founder of the CO-CREATiVE Communication® and the company CADRAN which operates globally. Previously, he managed 7 companies, from start-ups to corporate, in France and internationally (Europe, Asia, America, Africa), in various industries (construction, architecture, internet, HR…).

Today, with more than 2,000 hours of Executive Coaching, he works remotely with international leaders and their teams who want to unleash the power within their singularity in front of strong challenges requiring them to get out of their comfort zone & known mental frameworks.

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