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The 5 Benefits of Procrastination Coaching

The 5 Benefits of Procrastination Coaching

Resolutions are like eels; they are easily taken. The devil is to hold them” — Alexandre Dumas

Even the best leader has things they know they have to do but keep putting off until tomorrow. Procrastination isn’t just for the lazy. It manifests itself in everyone, even in the most active and enterprising. Moreover, overactivity is often the smoke that hides the fire of what the person should be doing but pushes back day by day.

Unfortunately, the level of responsibility of international leaders and their impact on the proper functioning of the business is such that these leaders cannot afford to procrastinate. Delaying necessary action can be very costly to their business and their career.

On the one hand, the person knows that he must do this. On the other hand, she doesn’t. And this blocking situation is very unpleasant. Even if the leader pretends to “forget”, in reality, more or less consciously, this blockage torments him continuously.

What can I do to get out of this uncomfortable blockage? How to get out of the spiral of procrastination and get in the state to do things?

Things aren’t hard to do, what’s hard is putting ourselves in a position to do them” — Brancusi

Our experience is that coaching is the fastest and most effective way to get out of procrastination and get “into the state” to do what you know is good for you. In concrete terms, here are the 5 benefits of procrastination coaching as offered by Cadran.

Benefit n°1: Identify and understand my internal resistances

The first benefit of procrastination coaching is to broaden self-knowledge to identify, in oneself, the resistances to setting in motion and taking action. In reality, these resistances have things to say. These are messages they send to you. They seek to make you understand something that you do not hear. As long as you don’t listen to them, they “block” and paralyze you in your move to action.

Benefit n°2: Learn to eliminate or circumvent my internal resistances

The second benefit of procrastination coaching is learning to deal with your resistances. By listening to what they have to say, you will be able to either make them disappear. Just “feeling heard” will cause the resistance to evaporate. Either you will be able to find a way around them.

Benefit n°3: Set up “reinforcers” to overcome my most stubborn resistances

The third benefit of procrastination coaching is to learn how to deal with the most stubborn resistances. For the latter, circumvention is not possible. They require the placement of “reinforcers” to compensate for their strength.

Benefit n°4: Aligning My “7 Brains” and Unleashing the Source of My Inner Energy

The fourth benefit of procrastination coaching is to learn to find an inner harmony between the different voices that are within you and that are emitted by each of your 7 brains. Rather than acting by force, it is a question here of bringing the different parts of yourself into agreement through a freely accepted compensation mechanism. When you reach this stage, you feel both a great appeasement (because your resistances disappear completely) and the release of your source of inner energy. You are then 100% determined to take action. Nothing can stop you inside.

Benefit n°5: Put me in motion sustainably

The fifth benefit of procrastination coaching is to put you in lasting motion. It is relatively easy to take action punctually, handling the feeling of guilt and the prospect of benefits. But this kind of method is never sustainable. This is also the business model of sports halls: people get motivated to start and then disappear from the halls after a few weeks. Conversely, the coaching of procrastination frees you durably from your resistances and allows you a lasting movement. You finally become master of your resolutions!

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